TopicDNA allows you to not only create high performing audiences, but also to use them into your Facebook social ad campaigns via their Ads Manager. This article will show you how this is accomplished.

Step 1. After your audience is created, you will need to review and approve the recommended targeting criteria. This happens when the audience status is set to 'Review'. You can review this audience by clicking on the name.

Step 2. In the Audience verification screen, you have the opportunity to choose the gender, countries, age range and interests that you would like to target on Facebook. The pre-checked options are what TopicDNA recommends that you use. But you can choose any combination you would like.

There are many interests to choose from, with the followers of each displayed, as well as the affinity that your audience has for each interest.

Once you have finalized the criteria, press the "Create Audience" button.

Step 3. Once the target audience is created, the status will be set to "Ready". Click on the name of the audience to view the target audience criteria.

The targeting criteria on this screen should match the ones that you have chosen previously. To use this audience in Facebook Ads Manager, click on the "Add Campaign Details" button.

Step 4. A modal will appear to allow you to select the Facebook ad account you want to run the campaign with, and to pick an existing campaign to create the ad set in with this audience. Please note: you cannot create Facebook campaigns in TopicDNA. You will need to create it in their Ads Manager first, and then come back to create the ad set.

Finish by pressing the "Add Campaign Details" button.

Step 5. You can now edit the desired budget, start and end dates. It will also show you how many people this target audience is expected to reach on Facebook. Complete this section by pressing "Review Ad Set".

You will now see a final verification screen to let you know what criteria we will be creating the new ad set with. If everything looks correct, press the "Create Ad Set" button.

You can then view the newly created ad set on Facebook Ads Manager.

That's it! You can now upload your ad creative and copy, and then publish the campaign.

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