To create audiences from TopicDNA into Facebook Ads Manager, you first need to create a shell (or empty) Facebook campaign.

Step 1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager and click on the 'Create' button

Step 2. Select the objective of your campaign

Step 3. Give your campaign a name and click on the dropdown menu in the Ad Set section and select 'skip ad set'. Press Continue.

Step 4. At the last screen you can choose whether to activate Facebook's Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) feature. This allows Facebook to automatically distribute the ad budget across different ad sets within campaigns which helps improve performance. Please note that once you've made your decision on whether to use CBO or not, it can't be changed unless you create a new Campaign.

Step 5. Once you've made your selection, press 'publish' and the campaign is now created and you should be able to see it in your Campaigns list.

Step 6. Now go back into TopicDNA and add your campaign details and the one you just created should show up (if not, you'll need to refresh your browser).

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